Thank You, may I have another?

Thank you  for your interest in buying Max a beer. Your patronage will not go unnoticed. Max drinks beer at one of several locations in the greater Park City area, most notably (frequently) at O’Shucks on Main Street. The beer at O’Shucks used to be $6 for a 32oz beer (yes, they’re really big and although they cost more these days, max doesn’t believe in inflation). Tuesdays, at the Main St. location, is a special, magical day, beer and burgers are $3.

Please note, only beer will be bought with these donations. No food, spirits or any other personal items will be purchased. However max has a nice little supply of stickers and shirts that are available. Please contact him directly via posting a comment.

If you would like to contribute, but not buy max a beer you can send max anti-beer money or buy beer for max’s friends. Leave a comment with info, like your address, on how max should deliver stickers.

You can buy “I’d Kill you for a beer.” shirts, hooded sweatshirts, tank tops and phone cases here. Hooded sweatshirts start at $25, t-shirts at $12

Here you can buy a wider variety of items, like hats, mugs, magnets and several shirt designs. They’re a little more expensive than the designs above.
Kill for a hat


Thank you to everyone who has already bought max a beer!

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