Max is often asked how this site works and if it works. To sum up a little, money is given via paypal to max, to buy beer. He then buys said beer and takes a picture of it. The picture of the beer is put on this site (see the new slideshow on the home page!). The nice folks that buy him beer sometimes get things in the mail or in person pertaining to the buying of beer for max. These are usually stickers or shirts. Sometimes max just gives out stickers and shirts for no reason other than because it’s fun.

This was recently the case at the Lander Brew Fest. Max went to the nice little town in central Wyoming, drank some beer, met some nice folks and had a nice time. He also gave out about 100 stickers. One person that was given stickers “didn’t get it”, which is sometimes the case. As far as max can tell there are only two types of people in the world, ones that like the idea of buymaxabeer.com and those who don’t get it. Not getting it doesn’t bother max, he’d have too much beer to drink if everyone in the world thought it was a great idea to buy him a beer. If you happen to be one of these people who doesn’t like or get this site, that’s ok, thanks for coming by regardless.

Some folks ask about how this site works as in, “are people still buying max beer?” The answer is yes. It’s true that quite a majority of the beer purchased was done early in this site’s existence but a beer or 10 get bought almost every month (thank you). This site has now been responsible for buying max over 200 beers. Thank you all very much. Thank you to all those folks that have bought max a beer in person and enjoyed a beer with max, it’s been really fun.

One other bit of semantics, all beers bought for max are consumed by max. If you’d like any of max’s friends to get beer, please choose that option and specify if you’d like a specific friend to get beer.