Max does not just drink beer and play in the snow, as this site suggests. He does work, goes grocery shopping, runs errands, makes breakfast and a bunch of other things that normal people do. For work max does things with web pages, not unlike this one, usually in the ski industry. Mostly he does development, which is the part of a website that most people never really see. A lot of this work involves writing code and making strange things work. Occasionally max does some design, sometimes he does strange things with servers, sometimes he even takes pictures for work. It’s not a bad gig, really. Working for ski resorts and a few other mostly outdoor companies is pretty fun.

Some of you have gotten to this site because of stickers that say “I’d kill you for a beer.” on them. (Just for clarification max is not a violent person and would never really kill anyone or anything for a beer. It’s merely meant to be funny.) Many of these stickers have not been stuck or given out by max. One of the people that you may have gotten a sticker from is Joe. Joe is a really good designer that often works with max. Joe also drinks beer and plays in the snow. Joe has and continues to design some of the best sites in the ski industry. Sometimes max makes the non-pretty part of the websites Joe designs, like the one pictured in the screen-shot of Joe’s website,

Hopefully you wanted to know some of these things about max and Joe. They both keep busy making websites, although several have been made with “beer in hand”. If you have a ski resort or a company with a lousy website, max and Joe might be able to help make it suck less and they’re always willing to talk about it over beer sometime.