I admit, I have some odd habits. I count whenever water is running, I have a hard time only doing one thing at a time, I read things I don’t care about, I obsess about strange authors and musicians (Tom Waits and Richard Brautigan), I think postcards are the best form of mail…

The list could be longer. One of my favorites for on line activities is to go to flickr and look up pictures with random tags. Usually they’re things like skiing, climbing, beer, etc… but one I keep coming back to is “me”. It’s always entertaining to see what people label as themselves. I’d recommend taking a look. Pour yourself a Rogue Shakespeare stout in a fancy glass and see what people think of themselves. It’s very educational.

A good drinking buddy will bail you out of jail, but a great drinking buddy will be sitting in the cell beside you, saying, “Man, that was awesome!” – Modern Drunkard

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